Digital Multichannel Analyzers / Digital Pulse Processors

Advatech supplies/supports the Toivel range of Digital Multichannel Analyzers (MCAs) and Digital Pulse Processors (DPPs) which are compact, highly flexible, cost effective and easy to use. All Multichannel Analyzers and Digital Pulse Processor are optionally available in an OEM (board only) format. All include the SpectLab, and easy-to-use setup/display/processing software. (How do Digital Multichannel Analyzers work?)

These Digital Multichannel Analyzers feature a fast ADC front end to analyse signal pulse heights. Capable of processing a broad range of input signals to produce a pulse height spectrum:

The TOV-700 Multichannel Analyzers are based on the TOV-500 but feature a digital front end to allow both gain and

shaping with additional features as follows:

The MCA is capable of capturing 1k, 2k, 4k or 8k spectra from traditional parallel output ADCs.

SpectLab is a simple and easy-to-use PC program that enables communication with the above Multichannel Analyzers and allows the setting of working parameters and the retrieval of collected data in real time.

TOV-500  Multichannel Analyzers OEM Board SpectLab Spectroscopy Analysis Software TOV-700  Multichannel Analyzers

The Detector Output Simulators provide pulses equivalent to typical detector output pulses and enables users to setup and learn how to use Multichannel Analyzers without the need for detectors and sources. Variants are available for both the TOV-500 (designated TOV-150) and TOV-700 (designated TOV-170) Multichannel Analyzers.

Broad signal range: Rise Time> 300ns, Pulse Width> 600ns, Voltage 0–5 or 0-2.5V


Fixed conversion speed  - 390ns, Resolution 14 bit.

Selectable number of channels - 0.5k, 1k, 2k, 4k (4k variant), plus 8k (8k variant)

600ns (after peak)

Integral <0.1%, Differential <0.5%

USB (options Ethernet, RS485, RS232)

12V/USB or USB, 380mA (USB only)

150x70x30mm, 0.5 kg

SpectLab setup/display/processing application included

0.25us, 0.5us, 1us, 2us,4us, 8us

8x, 16x, 32x and 64x

1x to 8x in 65,535 steps

Digital control in 100 steps

Digital control in 4,096 steps

Selectable number of channels - 0.5k, 1k, 2k, 4k

62.5ns (after peak)

26-pin Dual Row Header Connector

USB (options Ethernet, RS485, RS232)


SpectLab setup/display/processing application included

 TOV-500 ADC/Digital Multichannel Analyzers

 TOV-700 Digital Multichannel Analyzers

 TOV-300 Multichannel Analyzers

 SpectLab - Spectroscopy Analysis Software

 TOV- 150/170 Detector Output Simulator