Advatech’s series of RadMon™ products are a range of compact, low cost and easy-to-use radiation monitors capable of counting beta, gamma and X-rays. They all have a USB interface and are supplied with simple-to-use software Windows programs to allow radiation to be easily monitored and measured. RadMon™ devices have a high immunity to both RF and electrostatic fields.



50keV to >2MeV

0.1 μSv/hr to 100 mSv/hr

5.8 cpm/μSv/hr

-30ºC to +50ºC

-65ºC to +110ºC

65 x 23 x 15mm

78 x 23 x 15mm



RadMon-5 USB Radiation Monitor

Radiation Monitor - USB


Key parameters are as follows: