Advatech can provide a powerful yet low cost and easy to use gamma spectrometry systems. All parts are supplied as a kit, just needing a PC or MAC to be provided. Variants are available based on the size of the scintillator.

These systems consist of:

Advatech Gamma Spectromerty System based on a NaI(Tl)/PMT detector Advatech Gamma Spectromerty System - Nai(Tl)/PMT

Size of NaI(Tl) Scintillator

Energy Range

Dia. 1.5" x Thick 1.5"

25 - 2,500 keV

Dia. 1.5" x Thick 2.5"

25 - 3,000 keV

Dia. 2.0" x Thick 2.0"

25 - 3,500 keV

Standard NaI(Tl) configurations are as follows:

Gamma Spectrometry System